What are the benefits of embracing the cloud?

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What are the benefits of embracing the cloud?

Every business is talking about the cloud, but with varying degrees of knowing what they’re talking about. Most people are aware that it’s about having some or all of your data and applications in cyberspace, rather than on your own premises, but they are often pretty hazy about the details and benefits.

It’s reported that 84% of UK businesses are now using the cloud in some way. But even they may not all be fully aware why that’s a good thing. So let’s get back to basics and answer the fundamental question.

What are the advantages of cloud computing for a business?

At Frontline we are passionate believers that the case for the cloud is even stronger than most businesses assume. Here’s why in detail.


The more data you have in the cloud, the less of all that expensive data hosting equipment you need. The hardware and software, racks of servers, constant demands for updates, round the clock electricity consumption, cooling equipment, and of course extra IT staff all cost big money. With the cloud, you can simply pay someone a fixed monthly fee to manage everything.


Most cloud providers allow you to be proactive and adapt your environment as and when your business needs change, whereas in a non-cloud environment you typically have to wait until you are almost at capacity before building another server and adding it into your network. That can all take months, and chances are you’ll have tried to futureproof your system by buying more capacity than you need right now. A wasteful and expensive way to work.


With your data entirely hosted in the cloud by Frontline, your IT should never need updating or patching. It’s all managed by us as part of the service. You’ll always automatically be on the latest version. That simplifies life in many ways, and means that your IT team can focus on longer term strategic matters instead of constant maintenance and ‘firefighting’. Result: greater efficiency and productivity.


Data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity are all much simpler in the cloud. Your data can be mirrored at multiple locations on the cloud provider’s network, so a single datacentre failure can’t hurt you.


This is the big one. It’s tempting to think that, despite all its other advantages, the cloud is less secure, because it’s “out there” rather than in-house. That’s the complete opposite of the truth.

Cloud providers make security their number one priority, because their business depends on it. Everyone in their workforce goes through stringent vetting processes and their access is strictly limited to what they need to do their job. The providers are also at the forefront of security technology, using a multi-layered approach including network isolation, anti-virus and anti-malware protection, next generation firewalls, monitoring and penetration testing. All that plus the advanced, tailored security our experts will build in to the system at your end.

If you are considering migrating to the cloud, or ready for an upgrade contact the Frontline team today, and get the full facts about how your business could benefit from our ever-evolving cloud expertise.


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