B1UP Version 2016.02 - What’s New?

B1UP is used by around 75% of our customers and 50,000 end users worldwide.

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B1UP Version 2016.02 – What’s New?

With 2016 starting to gather pace I thought it would be a good time to share an update from Boyum IT in regards to the Business One Usability Package (B1UP). This blog takes a look at the latest release of B1UP, version 2016.02 which came out earlier this month.

Customise SAP Business One

Before I jump into the technical enhancements and fixes in this latest version, for those of you new to Boyum and the Usability Package, here is a brief overview.
The Business One Usability Package or B1UP is a tool developed for use with SAP Business One that allows users to add tabs, create buttons and edit UDFs at the click of a few buttons, without the need for costly development work.
B1UP is used by around 75% of our customers and 50,000 end users worldwide. Take a look at the video below to find out more.
“I couldn’t use SAP without it [B1UP]! I have the option to customise everything, add my own buttons and make individual fields read only at a user level.”
                                           – Tim Guest, Managing Director, Zoedale  (Read the case study)

What’s New – 2016.02

This is the first version of B1UP that supports SAP Business One 9.2 and browser access.
Removed Functionality:

Removed module ‘Account Balance [Legacy]’. We recommend you instead using B1 Print and Delivery – Account Balance.
New Functionality:
  • B1 Validation System
    • Added a ‘Prevent event looping’ system that can prevent endless loops in advanced use-cases (that take a long time or cause SAP to crash).
  • Quick Create
    • Added option to have a 3rd row of customisable fields (more than 34)
Bug Fixes:
  • General
    • Increase max allowed install time to 120 sec. (previous 60) to allow proper install on very slow systems.
    • Increase max allowed uninstall time to 60 sec. (previous 30) to allow proper uninstall on very slow systems.
    • Fixed that if you defined font size for user in other places, General Settings used the wrong font size for font size scaling of various elements.
    • Fixed that the Create Demo form did not work properly.
    • Fixed that if you ran multiple Boyum Add-ons and one was missing a license the Create demo screen was engaged by all the add-ons.
  • B1 Budget
    • HANA: Fixed missing cast in SQL on HANA in the Crystal report B1Budget_M_HANA
  • B1 Print and Delivery
    • Fixed that custom delivery could not use dynamic table syntax when run from schedule or mass delivery in emails.
  • B1 Search
    • Fixed that search for service calls did not search the call id or the document number.
  • Item Placement Tool
    • Fixed an issue that if you used IPT on and UDO and called a UF of type Message then B1UP would hang.
  • Quick Create
    • Fixed visual bug when you had more than 16 customised fields selected.
  • Server Component
    • Fixed issue with backups of databases and schedules.
    • Fixed that proxy port could not be higher than 100.
  • Toolbox
    • Added the option to block undo on B1UP forms
  • Universal Function
    • HANA: Fixed that UF configs allowed same code with different causing result in B1UP being unable to start.
  • Universal Function – File Exporter
    • Sample in the manual is now correct and more realistic for better reference.
If you have any questions about this blog, the Usability Package or SAP Business One in general then get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 Team today.

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