B1 Usability Package (B1UP) What’s New

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B1 Usability Package (B1UP) What’s New

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It has been a while since I have written a blog on the latest release of the Boyum Usability Package, in fact, I haven’t provided an update since the end of last year! This blog is going to take a look at the release announcements for B1UP over the course of this year so far, taking us up to Version 2015.06.

Customisation Tool for SAP Business One

Before I jump into the specific updates available, for those of you unfamiliar with this great customisation solution from Boyum IT, here is a quick overview.

 B1UP is a tool developed for use with SAP Business One that allows users to add tabs, create buttons and edit UDFs at the click of a few buttons, without the need for costly development work.

Whats New In B1UP

Be warned, this is a lengthy blog taking a look at versions, 2015.03, 2015.04, 2015.05 and 2015.06, so feel free to jump forward a couple of releases if you are already on one of the above mentioned versions.

Version 2015.03


  • Added support for MS SQL Server 2014 (Requires SAP 9.1 PL04 or higher)
  • Server component have been rewritten to store all it’s data inside the SAP database instead of the BOY-COMMON database. This is done to support SAP HANA.

New features


  • Added support for thousand separator being a space
  • Added support in dynamic syntax to read values off Weight and Width/Height fields.
B1 Print & Delivery
  • Report action Email now have a new Outlook option to Save as draft and display newly saved draft on screen.
  • Added mass import/export to Crystal Report Definitions and Report Configurations
  • Usability: When choosing a client or server delivery sub-function the delivery method is now automatically selected.
Function Buttons
  • Usability: When you create a new configuration via right-click a button line is automatically added.
  • Usability: When you create a button line system will now automatically add one more line ready for next button.
Master Data Manager
  • Added Payment Data Manager
Universal Functions – File Importer
  • UFFI Code scripts are now stored inside the database instead of BOY-COMMON external database.
  • Save and load of big UFFI scripts are now faster.
Universal Functions – Macro
  • Added SortColumn to Macro
Universal Functions – SQL Report
  • Added option in SQL Report to select line data back to SAP-UDOs.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that if you used the cockpit widgets and had an invalid license there was a chance that the client could freeze.
B1 Print and Delivery
  • Fixed that you got an error message if opening the Report Action window on HANA (incorrect case in SQL sentence)
Exchange Rates
  • Fixed that Bank of Canada had changed the exchange rate format of their source making it fail.
Master Data Manager
  • Fixed Document Data Manager showing DocEntry instead of DocNum
  • Changed so Document Data Manager clears results when another document type or filter is selected
  • Saved conditions are now stored per document type in Document Data Manager
  • Fixed that Mailchimp buttons was not placed correctly in SAP 9.1 (due to change in layout from SAP). Added a combo button instead.
Universal Function – File Importer
  • Fixed that if you in the work folder wrote a path ending with ‘\’ it added a ‘\’ when pre-filling the success, error and log folders

Version 2015.04

New Features

  • Added Copy System information system
  • Added change-log support for “B1 Time Task”, “B1 Validation System”, “Function Buttons” and “Mandatory Fields”
  • Added Read Mode button to main configuration (To check switch to the new ADO.NET Read mode)
B1 Print and Delivery
  • Updated the MS Exchange API to the latest version. Now supports Exchange 2013/2013 SP1.
Exchange Rates
  • Added National Bank of Poland as rate provider.
Quick Create
  • Added Company House (UK) and Graydon (NL) as search providers
  • Added BP Importer (Only work for NNM Provider)
Universal Function – SQL Report
  • You can now format up to 250 columns with the format wizard (up from 50).

Bug fixes

B1 Print and Delivery
  • Now hide SAP’s Email dunning letter option to avoid confusion if our dunning letter delivery method is active (SAP 9.1 PL06 or higher)
Master Data Manager
  • Fixed that GL Account Data Manager did not work on SAP HANA.
Quick Create
  • Fixed that if you selected from the provider search window it did not select the country.

Version 2015.05

New Features

Add and Edit Menus
  • Optimised the time it takes to add menu items in Add and Edit Menus
Master Data Manager
  • Greatly optimised select/deselect all logic
  • Added Activity Data Manager
  • Added Production Data Manager
  • Added Service Call Data Manager
Universal Function – Dynamic code
  • Added Extended Event Information to Common Event. The object can be cast to Item Event, Form Date Event and Menu Event depending on the event that happened in SAP
Universal Function – Macro
  • Added support to use @STORE as .row syntax in Transfer and TransferBack commands
  • Added option to disable arrow key navigation on message boxes and prompts. This option is placed on the Usability tab.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that Crystal Report used the wrong connection string preventing Table based layouts to work.
Account Balance
  • Fixed that the insertion of address did not support the “Building/Floor/Room” field in address formats.
B1 Mailchimp
  • Increased maximum list count to 100
Item Placement Tool
  • Fixed problem with UDF label and “Right justified”
  • Now sets “Right justified” as default if running Hebrew
  • Fixed that Go To New feature could fail if object key was empty
Server component
  • Fixed that it did not remove schedules when they where deleted.
  • Fixed that warning mails of incorrect version was only sent at server component startup. It is now sent every 24 hours.

Version 2015.06

New Features

  • Added objectType as part of Copy system Information for the most common windows.
  • Prepared fields that hold items codes to be 50 characters when SAP 9.2 is released later this year.
Add and Edit Menus
  • Columns are now sortable in the configuration.
Exchange Rates
  • Added that you can use Bank of Brazil with both purchase rate and sell rate
Item Placement Tool
  • Added that ITP System Line option (Override description) now also work with labels, tabs, combo-buttons, checkboxes and option buttons.
Universal Function – Dynamic Code
  • Fixed that you could not load 3rd party DLL properly
Universal Function – SQL Report
  • Added golden arrow support for Purchase Requests.
B1 Validation – Tab Wizard
  • Added support Purchase Requests window.
Universal Function – Batch
  • Added help button to explain that only UFFE and UFFI UFs can be used in batch config

Bug fixes

  • Fixed that the copy system information did not work if you right-clicked a checkbox (instead you got a warning message)
  • Added workaround to SAP Cockpit widgets giving incorrect data back during close of SAP B1 causing a “Collection – Out of boundaries” error.
B1 Print and Delivery
  • Added a warning/block so you can’t open the Account Balance window unless you have an active Account Balance Report configuration.
  • Fixed that report configurations of type “Internal” was not able to use SQL: in Crystal paramters when used in Mass delivery
  • Fixed that if report configurations of type “Internal” was mark with a report action with the mark as printed option an error occured after generation.
  • Fixed that if you in Report configuration pressed tab on Crystal definition, selected new and added a new CR and then went to a report action, again pressed new you would incorrectly get the Crystal report definition window instead of the Report configuration window
  • Fixed that delivery log in extreme situations could fail with “Record exist” if you used the Background processing option.
  • Fixed that default dunning.rpt had a formula issue with level 4
  • Mark as printed now use ADO.net if ADO read mode is configured.
Universal Function – Batch
  • Fixed that validation of missing UF and SQL did not happen
  • Fixed that you if you had an incorrect SQL statement you would get an unexpected error when trying to run
If you have any questions about the updates to the B1 Usability Package, B1UP in general or any wider SAP Business One questions, then get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 team today.

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