Automating Purchase Order Processing reports with SAP Business One

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Automating Purchase Order Processing reports with SAP Business One

This is a guest blog from – Simon Wybrow at Orbis Software
Being a successful distributor or wholesaler, regardless of the product distributed, it is essential that the right information is presented to the right people at the right time. A lack of real-time information can mean that blockages within ineffective business processes and procedures can occur, margins are reduced and stock availability can go unnoticed.

As a fully-integrated sales and management solution, SAP Business One has everything an SME needs for its reporting purposes. However, the nature of many businesses means that detailed exception-based reporting, such as monitoring inventory levels within a database, is required. This makes manual report processing costly and time-consuming for employees to achieve.

The downsides to manual report creation and distribution-

  • Data can reside in more than one business system or application
  • Costly
  • Time-consuming, causing delays
  • Prone to errors
  • Knowledge of application(s) required to run reports

Timely and accurate Purchase Order Processing

Any organisation that works with distribution and wholesale understands the high importance of creating timely and accurate Purchase Order Processing (POP) information, which is critical to business operations.

Being reliant on employees to produce a detailed exception based sales and management report requires the time-consuming, manual extraction of information by the employee, involving a great deal of application expertise and knowledge.  The automation of POP reports removes any training costs that may be required and ensures that reports are created and delivered in a more efficient manner.

What are the benefits of automated reporting for SAP Business One?

  • Reports can be automatically created and delivered on a scheduled basis e.g. every 10 minutes or at 8am everyday
  • Reports can be automatically created and delivered on an event driven process e.g. a large order depletes stock below an agree level
  • Real time visibility of key information
  • Removes costly employee administration and  eradicates human error

More than automating Purchase Order Processing reports

When using stock availability reports it’s not uncommon for sales teams within distribution and wholesale to maximise sales opportunities whilst meeting with clients. This however can be a frustrating experience for many businesses with the time and costs absorbed by the repetitive administration process in report creation.

Automatically creating and distributing reports on a scheduled or event driven process provides the ability to produce daily stock availability reports ensuring that sales team members have the most up to date information and inventory level data when meeting clients.

The dynamic gathering of data from multiple databases using the business process automation and integration platform, TaskCentre, provides the ability to automatically create and distribute practically any number of reports via email, FTP, attached to a CRM record or placed on a network location. Examples include:

  • Manufacturing reports such as waste % per product line
  • Financial reports such as aged debtors, cash flow statuses and customer status (On-hold etc.)
  • Sales reports per account manager / territory
  • Marketing reports e.g. CTR per campaign
  • Human Resources reports for monthly attendance and employee overtime worked per month

How easy is it to implement?

SAP Business One has been flexibly designed to enable TaskCentre, a SAP certified business process automation and integration tool, to simplify an SME’s IT projects. TaskCentre for SAP Business One offers code free integration and data synchronisation across practically any online or on-premise information system or database which enables anyone with a reasonable understanding of their database structures to build TaskCentre tasks to connect business processes together.

Frontline has been supplying TaskCentre for SAP Business One for many years and is an expert in delivering a visible ROI for its customers. However, if you would like an impartial view on TaskCentre for SAP Business One, why not ask to speak with one of the many Frontline customers that are currently enjoying the benefits of TaskCentre for SAP Business One?

If you would like to find out more about how TaskCentre can simplify your SAP Business One integration and business process automation projects then give a member of the SAP B1 Team a call today.

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