9 Reasons Why CFO’s Select Sage X3

Reasons why a company would implement Sage X3 from a Chief Financial Officers (CFO's) perspective.

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9 Reasons Why CFO’s Select Sage X3

Sage X3 is a global business management solution for mid-sized companies and subsidiaries of large groups with international demands. For over 10 years Sage X3 has been a proven and comprehensive business management solution addressing mid-market companies’ specific requirements and challenges in industries from manufacturing and services, to distribution and many more.

This blog takes a look at some of the reasons that a company would implement Sage X3 from a Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s) perspective.

1) The CFO is a true partner of general management

The job of the CFO is to guarantee the flow and accuracy of financial information. You work in a pressure cooker environment. The finance function serves as an interface to all company divisions. Sage X3 connects all divisions of the company (finance, production, sales and purchasing, CRM, stock) and therefore provides the basis for excellent and comprehensive financial reporting. Sage X3 also provides you with all necessary finance functions, such as accounts payable/receivable, cost management, asset accounting etc. Sage X3 contributes to managing a company’s performance.

2) Operating internationally

Sage X3 unifies all national and international locations within one system. You can create reports with just one tool and simply display highly complex business relationships. Sage X3 allows you to have an overview on your business as a whole as well as locally.

3) Get data for analysis and audit purposes 

Having reliable data will allow you to have an auditable system in which you can trust. Sage X3 also allows an optimal analysis of the performance of individual divisions of our company or the company as a whole including its international operations. In addition to the common key figures, Sage X3 includes Business Intelligence (BI) functionality as well as standard key performance indicators (KPI’s) with definable criteria. With Sage X3 you can therefore make and implement informed business decisions with minimal preparation. Plausibility analysis of‚ ‘what if’ scenarios helps you to evaluate risks.

4) Control and manage risks 

One of your key tasks is to control both the process and the figures. Sage X3 offers you the necessary tool to control and manage risks in your company. Alarms and warnings can be set up to let you know about the current activities in your company and provide you with an automated, time-saving control tool.

5) The time factor, KPIs faster 

For analysis, forecasts and planning, time plays an important role. With Sage X3 you can make current evaluations just as you can calculate past and future time periods and make projections. Decision makers expect real time accurate information available when they need it. Sage X3 is able to automatically generate indicators according to the needs of local divisions, while also satisfying the group’s requirements.

6) Many countries, many legal frameworks, one business solution

Sage X3 is available in 60 countries and supports different legislation’s, including their local reports, allowing you to be compliant with local legal requirements. Sage X3 is also equipped with a variety of languages for international use. Users can use the software in their mother tongue. A multilingual solution increases acceptance on the part of users and can therefore reduce resistance to change.

7) User centric 

Sage X3 is a simple to use and an easy to learn solution. Sage X3 is role based and provides visual processes, a user portal and dedicated dashboards and KPIs per user for a higher user acceptance.

8) Flexibility keeps you ready for new challenges 

The modular structure of Sage X3 not only helps manage your IT budget but also gives you the freedom to react quickly in situations such as changing market conditions. With the software you can adapt and optimise your financial system internally and easily bring specialist departments on board with the process.

9) Cost effective 

Sage X3 has a modular design and is highly scalable. This means that you can buy and use only the relevant modules and can optionally expand the number of users. For quick and therefore cost-effective implementation, Sage provides you with global rollout templates, a standardised international implementation method and years of experience implementing finance and business management solutions.

If you have any questions about the topics discussed in this blog or Sage X3 in general, then get in contact today.

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