5 reasons to move your ERP system to the cloud

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5 reasons to move your ERP system to the cloud

With many more companies choosing to implement an enterprise resource planning system, the obvious question is: should the new system be cloud based or implemented on a more traditional in house network?

At Frontline Consultancy we recognise that the cloud isn’t necessarily right for every company, but there are significant advantages to a cloud based system. Here are our top five reasons for recommending customers to opt for a cloud based ERP system such as SAP Business One or Sage Enterprise Management.

  1. Reduced setup costs

Traditional hosted ERP solutions generally have a high hardware setup cost. Servers have to be purchased and systems configured to allow all users access to the system.

With a cloud based ERP system there is no onsite hardware cost. Also, the company doesn’t have to go through a long process of specifying its hardware requirements and confirming if they will work with existing systems.

No onsite hardware means no server maintenance. Furthermore, software upgrades can be conducted in the cloud without downtime affecting business operations. This saves a great deal of staff time as well as capital costs.

  1. Business 24/7/365 from anywhere

By implementing a cloud based ERP system companies put access to a powerful business management tool in the hands of staff, wherever and whenever it is required.

A cloud based ERP system is designed for the way employees work today, allowing the company to get best value from its workforce, wherever they work and without the need for a VPN.

In addition cloud based ERP systems can be accessed by any connected device such as a mobile or laptop; no need for specifically configured devices.

  1. Business intelligence

Because your ERP is accessible on the cloud you can make more flexible and rapid business decisions. This is because the information is available when and where you need it, with no need to wait until you return to base.

Many cloud based ERP systems have built in analytics packages that allow key decision makers to drill down to the right information straight away.

  1. Better security

Cloud based ERP systems are designed for online access, and have security at their core rather than as an afterthought. Built in functionality means that every user can have the right level of access required for their role.

In addition a cloud based system allows business critical documents to be stored exactly where they are needed and be backed up without reliance on internal teams.

  1. Flexibility as standard

The most important reason most companies now choose to move to a cloud based ERP system is the greater business flexibility it allows. When adding new users or more modules everything is done remotely without the need to reconfigure or upgrade hardware. This saves users significant costs and time.

If you are looking for an cloud based ERP system that is flexible and will grow with your business, contact the team at Frontline Consultancy for free, no obligation advice on 0333 323 2141